Olivia Wood
Observations on Minneapolis, one month in September 1, 2023 Everyone is indeed very nice. People are willing to engage in small talk for quite a while, and with enthusiasm. They smile at strangers and do I’m moving July 13, 2023 Hello! A brief update about a big change in my life: I’m moving to Minneapolis in two weeks! Much to my delight, I was accepted a few months ago What I read in 2022, and what I’ll read in 2023 January 1, 2023 New Year’s resolutions are more than anything else a yardstick for measuring how much your life can change in a year. I try to make mine very GET UP, COWARD! May 15, 2022 Hi. In case you haven’t heard the news, My Chemical Romance is back. Technically they’ve been back since 2019, when they announced their reunion and On the 2022 Tumblr resurgence March 15, 2022 I’ve been pondering the wave of Tumblr nostalgia that’s sweeping the internet right now. Since the beginning of the pandemic, but especially since What I’ve learned from NaNoWriMo November 21, 2021 This year, for the first time as an adult, I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write Is writing essential? July 19, 2021 “The pointlessness of art is not an argument against it.” Charles Baxter, The Art of Subtext Before the pandemic, I worked as a receptionist at So it turns out Substack sucks March 15, 2021 Hi. This is the last post I am ever going to write on Substack, barring unforeseen circumstances. Not because I am going to quit writing this What SOPHIE Meant January 30, 2021 If you’ve seen SOPHIE perform live, you know what it’s like: You’re surrounded by a crush of people, many of whom are wearing some of the most Wiggler Check #001 August 22, 2020 Hope you’re all having a cool and normal Saturday. Here is the first installment of a new post series I’ll be doing (hopefully) every two weeks—a And the penultimate blogging begins July 23, 2020 This is the first time I’ve used a non-Tumblr platform for a personal blog since about 2010. My first blog, now many years defunct, was on Blogspot;